SPEED Plan ($39 USD)

Our SPEED Plan membership option gives you full access to our complete online IELTS course, general English course, 15 complete practice tests and more.

Here’s a brief look at what you get as a SPEED Member for only $39 USD:

  1. 90 days access to all 10 IELTS units of our complete IELTS course, with over 400 lessons
  2. 90 days access to the Vocabulary for IELTS course
  3. 90 days access to the complete general English course
  4. Over 500 training videos
  5. 15 complete practice tests (15 listening tests, 15 reading tests, 15 writing tests and 15 speaking tests
  6. Your own IELTS support tutor (a former IELTS examiner with over 16 years experience)
  7. Seven downloadable IELTS eBooks complete with audio files
  8. The option to add writing and speaking assessments to your account (these are not automatically included in the SPEED membership)

Ready to get on your way to IELTS success? All you need to do is select which format of IELTS test you are preparing for, complete your registration and you’ll have access to the COMPLETE course in less than 1 minute!