Live IELTS speaking assessments

How do they work and how can they help me?

When you enrol in the MASTER Membership, you will have 2 live IELTS speaking assessments, one-to-one with your tutor. Each speaking assessment is followed by a feedback session where we talk about your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do to improve. In these assessments, you will talk one to one with your support tutor via Skype (or WhatsApp if Skype is not available in your country). The speaking assessments are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week so it's easy to book a time that will suit you!

The assessments are run just like the official IELTS test, with the same 3 parts, the same structure and the same language that you will get in the IELTS test. Once we have run the full speaking assessment (11 to 14 minutes), we will then have a discussion session (about 20 minutes). We will tell you your current band score, and will talk about all aspects of your speaking skills, breaking down your strengths and abilities in fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. 

We will discuss areas where you need to improve and what you should do for further practice. This gives you the unique opportunity to fully understand what current your band score is and what you need to do to improve it. All of our feedback and band scores are based on having been an IELTS examiner for over 16 years, so we know what we're talking about!

It's also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers about issues that are concerning you about your speaking skills.

Note that the speaking and writing assessments are only included in the MASTER membership.

MASTER Membership
$75 USD (180 day access)
Full course access + 15 practice tests + eBooks + 10 writing assessments + 2 live speaking assessments

Some of the comments we have received about our live speaking assessments...

Majid A

I was surprised that Patrick was able to tell me the exact score I got in my last IELTS speaking test. When we talk about what I must do to improve, I feel so much more confident!

Daved L-H

I didn't have much chance to speak when I was learn English at school, so these assessments were really helpful. I felt nervous just like in the test, but the feedback session after made me understand what I was doing wrong and how to improve it. Definitely recommend!

Louisa G

I didn't know how to quickly have good ideas to answer the speaking test, but Patrick worked with me to improve. I am taking my test tomorrow (it's the 3rd time), but this time I feel ready!

Kiran K

I know English grammar very well, but when I speak it doesn't always come right. In the feedback, I got some ideas of how to use better grammar and what I should do if I make mistake when I talk. I took the test again last week and I passed!

Nadia S

I couldn't speak very clearly before I spoke to Patrick in the live speaking tests. I had problems getting my ideas in a good order and wasn't able to be fluent. After the assessments, it was a lot easier to speak clearly and say what I wanted to!

Amandeep K

I was struggling with getting Band 7 for my speaking - I took the test 3 times and got 6.5 every time. After the 2 live speaking tests, I knew what I was doing wrong, and the next time I took the test I got 7.5! I couldn't believe it!


14 YEARS - developing, running and expanding our online IELTS course

16 YEARS - working as British Council IELTS examiners

20 YEARS - coaching candidates to sit their IELTS test

7.5 - the average Band score that our MASTER membership users get

More than 100 - the number of lessons in the online course

More than 400 - the number of learning videos on the site

More than 700 - the number of pages in the downloadable eBook

More than 1000 - the number of exercises & practice sections in the course

30 hours - the amount of listening practice recordings in the course

120 hours - the average time it takes users to complete our course