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IELTS writing assessments

How do they work and how do they help me?

IELTS writing assessments

Improving your writing skills and getting a higher score in the IELTS requires practice, but also feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and what you should do to further improve. That's why we offer writing assessment in our MASTER Membership, where you can get your writing corrected with comments band scores from former IELTS examiners! MASTER membership includes 10 complete writing test assessed (10 x Task 1 and 10 x Task 2)

Your support tutor will...

1. Identify and correct errors in your written work
2. Give explanations for the errors where relevant
3. Summarise areas for improvement
4. Award a band score based on 15+ years of being an IELTS examiner

Note that the speaking and writing assessments are only included in the MASTER membership.

MASTER Membership
$75 USD (180 day access)
Full course access + 15 practice tests + eBooks + 10 writing assessments + 2 live speaking assessments

So how does it work?

Watch the video above to see how the writing assessment works, or take a look at the screenshots and descriptions below!

Take a look below to see how your written work is assessed when you become a member. Remember that writing assessment is included in the MASTER Membership, with 10 complete writing tests - that's 10 x Task 1 and 10 x Task 2, with comments, corrections and band score estimators.

Step 1 of 4

IELTS writing assessments

When you start an IELTS writing test for assessment, you will be given an automatic countdown of 60 minutes (the same time allowed in the IELTS test).

Within the 60 minutes, you have to complete Task 1 and Task 2. When the time is up (or when you click the 'Submit' button), your essay is automatically saved and sent to your personal support tutor for assessment.

Step 2 of 4

IELTS writing assessments

Your support tutor will automatically receive a notification that your written work is ready for assessment. 

We aim to get all written work returned within 48 hours. If you need your feedback sooner than that, send your support tutor a message and we will aim to get your writing returned even sooner

Step 3 of 4

Your support tutor will correct any errors and make amendments where needed. These are identified in different colours, so you can see where changes have been made.

Additional comments may also be added within your essay, marked in square brackets [like this].

Step 4 of 4

Your support tutor will also add some feedback and areas for improvement, as well as an estimated score.

As soon as your written work is graded, you will receive an automatic message with a link to where you can see the corrected written work, the feedback and the score.

MASTER Membership
$75 USD (180 day access)
Full course access + 15 practice tests + eBooks + 10 writing assessments + 2 live speaking assessments


14 YEARS - developing, running and expanding our online IELTS course

16 YEARS - working as British Council IELTS examiners

20 YEARS - coaching candidates to sit their IELTS test

7.5 - the average Band score that our MASTER membership users get

More than 100 - the number of lessons in the online course

More than 400 - the number of learning videos on the site

More than 700 - the number of pages in the downloadable eBook

More than 1000 - the number of exercises & practice sections in the course

30 hours - the amount of listening practice recordings in the course

120 hours - the average time it takes users to complete our course