Free IELTS preparation online

Free IELTS preparation courseThis is our free IELTS preparation online course, which will give you some basic information about the IELTS test. Included in this section are free IELTS practice tests, lessons, exercises and essential learning resources not just for IELTS, but also too improve your general English (an essential part of getting a good IELTS result).

If you are looking for more IELTS preparation resources, take a look at our SPEED and MASTER Plans, which include 15 complete practice tests, over 400 learning resources with over 500 training videos, downloadable eBooks and your own support tutor tutor. The MASTER Plan also includes the assessment of 10 complete writing tests (we will make corrections to your work, give you points for improvement and provide an estimated band score) and 2 live speaking assessments one to one with your support tutor.

It’s taken us many years to develop our resources, so we hope you find these lessons, exercises and practice tests useful! Make sure to work through the content in order to get the best out of our free IELTS preparation online course. However, it is important to keep in mind that this free IELTS course covers only about 5% of what is covered in our paid membership plans, so if you’re serious about IELTS, we recommend you enrol in one of our premium plans.

To keep track of which lessons you have studied and what you have yet to complete, you can create a free membership account.

We hope you find our free IELTS preparation online course useful!