Some of our frequently asked questions

Will you assess my writing?

Yes. We can review your writing during the discussion sessions, working through your work line by line and talking about strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss what you should have written and how to make the changes, what band score you would have got and what you need to do to improve.

Can I have a speaking test?

Yes - we can run mock assessments during the discussion sessions that are just like the IELTS test. With our 16 years of IELTS examiner experiencing, you can guarantee that our mock assessments simulate the real test.

How long are the discussion sessions?

Each discussion session is 15 minutes long, but if you want to discuss something that will take longer than that, you can book 2 sessions back to back to have a 30 minute period.

How do I book a discussion session?

Once you have become a member, you will see links in your membership dashboard where you can book the session. Note that we normally need at least 48 hours notice for each booking.

What can we discuss during the live sessions?

Anything you like that relates to improving your IELTS score. You could talk about the writing test, or skills for the listening test, or problems you are having with grammar - anything you would like more advice and support on. Take a look at some of the case studies to see what other students have booked sessions to discuss..

When are the discussion sessions available?

You can book a discussion session 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm New Zealand time (you can convert that into your time zone on this page).

Is it one to one or a group discussion?

One to one - it's just you talking directly to your support tutor, focusing ONLY on the issues that matter to you.

How do we talk during the sessions?

We can use Skype or Whatsapp, whichever suits you best. 


14 YEARS - developing, running and expanding our online IELTS course

16 YEARS - working as British Council IELTS examiners

20 YEARS - coaching candidates to sit their IELTS test

7.5 - the average Band score that our MASTER membership users get

More than 100 - the number of lessons in the online course

More than 400 - the number of learning videos on the site

More than 800 - the number of pages in the downloadable eBook

More than 1000 - the number of exercises & practice sections in the course

30 hours - the amount of listening practice recordings in the course

120 hours - the average time it takes users to complete our course