The 9 question types used in IELTS reading and how to answer them

Question types used in IELTS readingIn this lesson, we will look at the 9 question types used in IELTS reading. In each of the pages that follow, we will look at each question in detail (including practice exercises), and when you are ready you can also take the free IELTS reading tests we have on the site. The question types are:

  1. Headings
  2. True / False / Not Given questions
  3. Multiple choice questions
  4. Sentence completion questions
  5. Other completion questions
  6. Short answer questions
  7. Labelling style questions
  8. Locating information in a paragraph
  9. Matching / Classifying questions

Important note: the question types for IELTS reading (and the skills you need) are the same for the General Training Module and the Academic Module. Each type of question in the IELTS reading test is assessing different abilities, so you need to know what that question type is testing your ability to do, the best approach to answering each question types, and the most effective tips and techniques you should use to get the best result.

Of the 9 question types, we will start by looking at Headings questions. Many IELTS candidates find that this question type and the True / False / Not Given question type are the hardest of all the questions you will need to answer in the test!

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