How to write an Academic Task 1 IELTS report

How to write an Academic Task 1 IELTS reportHow to write an Academic Task 1 IELTS report. In this section of our IELTS preparation course, we will look at the important steps you need to know to write a Task 1 report for the Academic Module. We will look at the 6 different types of Task 1 report, how to plan your answer, how to describe trends and much more.

If you complete this section of our course you will know how to describe trends and give a overview of the data, the criteria the examiner uses to assess and grade your essay, and the common errors candidates make. We also have model answers for the writing test to show you how a Band 9.0 report is written, as well as examples of Band 5, Band 6, Band 7 and Band 8 answers.

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