IELTS listening – writing numbers as answers

numbersIn the listening test, some answers may be in number form. Often, the instructions will indicate whether a number is required if it states NO MORE THAN (ONE/TWO/THREE) WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER. When transferring your answer, make sure you write it correctly as often an easy point is lost for making a simple mistake.

  • One thousand = 1000
  • Half a million = 500 000
  • One million = 1 000 000
  • One billion = 1 000 000 000*
  • One trillion = 1 000 000 000 000*

*British English and American used to have different numbers for billion and trillion. However, they have been standardised since 1975. Thanks go to Asha for this update!

Practice by converting the words below into numbersĀ  (NOTE: these are slightly harder than anything you will need to do for the IELTS test).
Example: Four thousand six hundred and eighty two = 4682

  1. Twelve thousand six hundred and eighteen [expand title=”Show answer”]12618[/expand]
  2. Seventeen thousand and two [expand title=”Show answer”]17002[/expand]
  3. Seventy four thousand two hundred and seventy two [expand title=”Show answer”]74272[/expand]
  4. Eight million four hundred thousand [expand title=”Show answer”]8400000[/expand]
  5. One million, four hundred and twenty-two thousand six hundred and nineteen [expand title=”Show answer”]1422619 [/expand]
  6. Eight hundred and eighteen million six hundred and fourteen thousand [expand title=”Show answer”]818614000[/expand]