Listening for numbers in IELTS listening

In the IELTS listening test, it is very common to have to listen for numbers to get a correct answer. In this exercise, you can practice your listening by listening to the recording and entering the numbers and dates into this news report.

There are three different ways you can try this exercise!

1. Look at the numbers below, read the text carefully and logically there is only one place each number can go.
2. Listen to the recording and enter the numbers as you hear them.
3. Look at the numbers first, then listen to the recording and enter the numbers as you hear them (the easiest option!)

You can choose to make this exercise a little easier by showing you all the numbers, or you can listen to the recording without looking at the numbers!
[expand title=”Show all of the numbers (don’t click this if you want more of a challenge!)” targtag=”strong”]

  • 0.3
  • 6
  • 5.6
  • ¼
  • 17
  • 1100
  • 7 00 000
  • II
  • 4 000 000
  • 30


Good evening and welcome to the [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 6 [/expand] o’clock news. Tonight’s top story: a second earthquake in months has struck Japan. Preliminary reports claim that up to [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 1100 [/expand] people are missing and the damage is estimated to be over $[expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 700,000 [/expand]. In other news, unemployment statistics released today show a slight decrease at [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 5.6 [/expand]%, a [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 0.3 [/expand] % drop over last year’s figure of 5.3%. This has come as welcome news to the government, especially with the upcoming general election.

Plans to make Auckland city the new capital of New Zealand have been scrapped. Despite  home to over [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 1/4 [/expand] of the population, there has been overwhelming popular support to maintain Wellington’s status as the nation’s capital.

In entertainment news, Tom Cruise has denied that he will be returning to New Zealand to start filming The Last Samurai [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] II [/expand]. In the first movie, The Last Samurai, Cruise was reported to have earned $US [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 24,000,000 [/expand], and stated that he was looking for another eight-figure deal before signing the contract to do the sequel.
Now to sport, where the All Blacks have come home victorious once again, beating Wales by only one point in a thrilling ending. Wales had kept the lead with 16 points up to half time, but were unable to score again as the All Blacks dominated the second half to finish on [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 17 [/expand]points.

Finally, the weather. It looks like summer has finally arrived with the temperatures on the east coast reaching a high of [expand title=”Show answer” targtag=”strong”] 30[/expand] degrees tomorrow.

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