Free IELTS preparation course

Free IELTS preparation courseThis free IELTS preparation course will help you improve all the skills needed for IELTS. It covers all parts of the test (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as other essential skills you need to get the best result. However, it is NOT a complete reference guide for everything you need to know to prepare for IELTS – for that, you will need to enrol in one of our complete online IELTS courses.

Serious about passing IELTS?

Then enrol in one of our membership plans and get access to ALL the resources on this site, no advertising, your own support tutor to answer your questions as you study and 7 downloadable eBooks. MASTER Members also get 10 writing tests assessed (with comments, corrections and estimated band score) and TWO live speaking assessments (one to one with your tutor, followed by a feedback session and estimated band score). Find out more here!

Want your IELTS writing assessed with a band score?

Did you know that you can have TEN complete writing tests (10 x Task 1 and 10 x Task 2) assessed by your own support tutor and former IELTS examiner if you enrol in the MASTER Membership? Your tutor will correct any errors, give you suggestions for improvement and give you an estimated band score. Find out more here

Want a live speaking assessment one to one with a former IELTS examiner?

Did you know that you can have TWO live speaking assessments one to one with your tutor? We run a full mock speaking test with all 3 sections, followed by a discussion session where we talk your strengths and areas for improvement and tell you your approximate band score. Remember that all of our tutors are former British Council trained IELTS examiners with over 16 years experience, so you can be confident in our feedback! Find out more here

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We offer the option for a school or institution to become a subdomain partner, where they have a copy of ALL the resources on our site but on their own domain name (e.g. ''). Every month that school or institution remains a partner, you generate a $50 USD commission - and you don't need to do anything! You earn $50 USD per month for each subdomain partner that signs up with us, so you can generate passive income with very little work! Find out more here

Keep one point in mind – the IELTS test is a test of your English, not just your exam skills. The IELTS test has been running since 1980 and is one of the world’s most recognised tests – an achievement the IELTS organisation wouldn’t have achieved if the test could be ‘cheated’ by candidates who do not have good English. Once you become a full member, you will get instant access to our 6-level general English course, as well as the grammar level assessment and the vocabulary level assessment.

To keep track of which lessons you have studied in free IELTS preparation course (and what you have yet to complete), you can create a free membership account.

A quick word about our IELTS resources – we are native English speakers (originally from the UK but now living in New Zealand) and former IELTS examiners. We have also had 4 IELTS textbooks published by Pearson Education (the IELTS High Impact series). Hopefully this will give you the confidence to trust our resources and practice tests!

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