Essential vocabulary for talking about unhappiness in English

On this page, we will look at vocabulary for talking about unhappiness in English. There are a LOT more words to talk about being unhappy compared to being happy, so there’s a lot to learn!

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  • I’m feeling down at the moment.
  • She’s feeling a little blue because she lost her job.
  • She’s quite cross with you at the moment for breaking her favourite cup. (British English)
  • He’s been down in the dumps since his girlfriend broke up with him.
  • My boss was furious that we hadn’t completed the order.
  • My grandmother was upset that I didn’t send her a birthday card.
  • He can’t seem to get a job, so he’s feeling very downhearted at the moment.
  • My wife’s mad at me because I forgot our wedding anniversary.
  • His favourite team didn’t win, so he’s feeling a little dejected at the moment.
  • She’s so miserable all the time – she never smiles!
  • We haven’t been allowed to go out for weeks – we’re fed up!
  • Since our older dog died, the younger dog has been looking very forlorn.


We hope you found this vocabulary for talking about unhappiness in English useful. Now test your skills with a quick test on vocabulary for happiness and unhappiness.


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