CEFR Level C2 vocabulary: LURID

This word is from CEFR Level C2 list 2

CEFR Level C2 vocabulary: LURID

WORD FAMILY: adjective
MEANING: Too bright in colour, vivid, shocking, sensationalised.
EXAMPLE: There are many reasons why newspapers should not present lurid details of violent crimes.

Quick test – Are these sentences logically correct?

1. He is wearing a very lurid shirt today, which is unusual as he normally dresses very conservatively.
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This is logical – it is comparing his normal conservative dress style to today’s bright, vivid shirt.

2. I have been experiencing some very lurid dreams lately and I wonder if it is because I am feeling quite stressed.
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This is also logically correct. The dreams are vivid and shocking, a negative description that the speaker thinks is happening because they are currently stressed. NOTE: a lucid dream (a common expression) is not the same as a LURID dream!

3. He is extremely quiet and reserved and tells me lurid stories of his personal life every time we meet.
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This is NOT logically correct – someone being quiet and reserved contradicts the fact the they tell others lurid personal information.

4. Newspapers and magazines often publish lurid details of celebrities’ personal lives because these types of stories have a tendency to attract readers.
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This is logically correct – newspapers often print shocking and sensationalised stories of celebrities just to get more sales. Horrible really!

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