CEFR Level C2 vocabulary: PRUDENT

CEFR Level C2 Vocabulary: PRUDENT

This word is from CEFR Level C2 list 1
CEFR Level C2 Vocabulary: PRUDENT
WORD FAMILY: adjective
MEANING: acting with care and thought for the future; wise; well thought through
EXAMPLE: It has been argued that young people today have a much more prudent approach to saving and spending than previous generations.

Quick test! Are these sentences logically correct?
I was not able to afford a holiday because I have been prudent with my wages all year.
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No, this is not logically correct. If someone has been prudent with their money, they have been careful and therefore can afford a holiday.

It is prudent to avoid sharing too much personal information on social network sites.
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Yes, this is logically accurate. With social media sites being used to capture users’ data as well as being checked by potential employees, it is better to avoid putting everything online!

It is not prudent to carefully read any contractual document before signing it.
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No, this is not logically accurate. It IS a good idea to read a contract carefully before signing it!
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