Your complete online IELTS preparation course

ALL memberships include 4 writing assessments and a one-to-one speaking assessment with a British Council trained examiner!


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Complete study program covering ALL the IELTS skills in 10 easy to follow units

4 complete writing tests assessed with comments, corrections and band score

Live speaking assessment 1 to 1 with your tutor plus a feedback session and band score

Essential IELTS vocabulary course covering divided into the 10 common IELTS topics

6 level general English course covering grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and more

7 IELTS ebooks to download and keep (with audio files for the listening exercises)

Online IELTS preparation - it's what we do

Since 2006, our online IELTS preparation course has focused on helping IELTS candidates achieve their best results. We are native English speakers with over 25 years of English teaching experience, 18 years as IELTS examiners and 14 years running our online IELTS course. With lessons on every aspect of IELTS covering all of the skills you need, our online course has absolutely everything you'll need to get the IELTS result you need.

These are the question YOU need to ask:

Is it cheaper to have to re-take the IELTS test or take a preparation course?

Our course costs less than a quarter of the cost of taking the IELTS test again!

Can I rely on the skills and techniques I will learn on this course?

All of our writers and support tutors are former British Council trained IELTS examiners with over 16 years experience as IELTS examiners, over 20 years experience preparing students for IELTS and are native English speakers. We have also written 4 IELTS preparation textbooks published by Pearson Education (the High Impact series).

How many mock tests can I take to see my score improve?

Our course has 15 complete mock tests, so you can really improve your score.

Will I get feedback on my IELTS writing and my speaking?

Yes - your membership includes 4 writing tests (that's 4 x Task 1 and 4 x Task 2). Your support tutor will make comments and corrections on your writing, give you tips to improve and will give you a band score. For the speaking assessment, you will talk one to one with your support tutor via Skype or Whatsapp - we run a full speaking assessment, and then follow up with a discussion session where we talk about what you need to do to improve.

How do I know whether the course is useful?

We've been developing our course and adding new resources since 2006 - there's no other course on the internet that covers everything you need in an easy to follow structure - and we're so confident in our resources that we offer a 24 hour refund guarantee!

Online IELTS preparation course in 10 clear units

EVERY question type used in the IELTS test is covered (Headings, True/False/Not Given etc), as well as individual lessons on all aspects of IELTS, from how to write an introduction to Task 2, how to stay focused during the listening test, what the examiner is looking for in your speaking test and much, much more.

Online IELTS preparation

Improve your ielts vocabulary

Included in all memberships

Your vocabulary is 25% of your score for the writing and speaking test, and understanding a range of words is essential for a good result in the reading and listening test too. That’s why all members also get access to our complete IELTS vocabulary course, covering all 10 common IELTS themes

Online IELTS preparation vocabulary


Included in the your membership

If you are struggling with your writing and want to know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are, then our course will really help – we will correct your written work, make comments on what to improve and give you an estimate band score. Remember that all tutors on our site are former IELTS examiners, so you can be confident you are getting the best advice!

4 complete writing tests (4 x Task 1 and 4 x Task 2) are included in each membership!

Online IELTS preparation Live ielts speaking assessment

Included in all memberships

A one to one live speaking assessment is also included in the your membership. We run the mock speaking assessment (just like the IELTS test!) through WhatsApp or Skype, followed by a 15 minute discussion session where we talk about your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as giving you an estimated band score.

7 IELTS eBooks to download and keep

Included in all memberships

All memberships also get access to eBooks for offline study, as well as audio files to practice your listening. These can be used in conjunction with the online IELTS preparation course or can be used independently.

There are 7 eBooks included in all memberships - reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and practice tests.


Included in all memberships

Getting a good IELTS result only comes from good English. That’s why all memberships also include our 6 complete English courses, from Level A1 (Beginner) to Level C2 (Proficient), covering grammar, syntax (sentence structure), forming complex and compound constructions, and much more.

All 6 English courses, as well as the English level test, are included in all memberships.

Online IELTS preparation personal support tutor

Included in all memberships

Once you become a member, you are automatically assigned a personal support tutor who will answer any questions you may have about IELTS or using the online IELTS preparation course.

Keeping the same support tutor throughout your period of study means you don’t have to keep answering the same questions and can build on the advice and support you are given.

IELTS personal support tutor

15 complete mock tests

Included in all memberships

The learning resources on our site will help you improve and build your skills, and there are also 15 complete practice tests (with instant band score for the reading and listening) so you can see how you are progressing!

All of our tutors have been IELTS examiners for a minimum of 15 years, so you can be confident that our practice tests simulate the real IELTS tests to give you real practice and experience.


Included in all memberships

We're so confident in our online course that we also offer an unconditional 24 hour refund guarantee - if you don't like the course for ANY reason, let us know within 24 hours of enrolling and we'll refund 100% of your fees!


Thank you very much! I bought some other IELTS courses online but none of them provide the support you do – I can see how much I have improved. The forum on the web page is great for me and for all candidates, we can go there and express our concerns and discuss our problems.

Andrei B

Final band score: 7.5


This online course is very useful for me to prepare for IELTS test in short period and is a cost effective. There is a good collection of material to practice.

I would highly recommend the students to buy is course if they want to get good bands in their test.

Gurinder K
Final band score: 7.0


The website is a very good, rich and organised source that helps to learn English as well as preparing for IELTS. As I have referred to many learning sources before, I could say no doubt this is the best one. I love the new course version that enables filtering materials according to the main four sections of the IELTS.

Salma S
Final band score: 8.0